November 2006:
Zitat von Gianni <>
On my FT-1000 MK5, the ATT 6dB failure when insert RX Mute, otherwise
12dB attenuator function well, when insert ATT 18dB same failure RX
Mute to.
Anyone can help me?
Thank you very much, and sorry for my english!
VY 73 de Gianni, IW4ARD
Zitat von Frank <>
Hello Gianni,
I had the same problem with my FT1000MP. The resistor R1039 (47 Ohm - SMD 805)
on the RF-Unit has blown out. The resistors name of your FT1000MP Mark V is
R1151 (also 47 Ohm). You can find the circuit by using a search engine in the
internet (google, altavista etc.).
I think you could repair it by yourself.
73 de Frank
Zitat von Gianni <>
Hi Frank,
thank you I have repaired with 47 ohm 1/8 watt not SMD is work well.
Very good indications.
VY 73 de Gianni, IW4ARD