3, 7, 10, 14, 18 MHz von einem integrierten DDS abgeleitet, 5 Watt TX, Superhet mit variablem Quarzfilter, hoher Regelumpfang.
Durchstimmbarer RX mit von außen bedienbarem Preselektor mit SSB Empfang und AM Rundfunkempfang mit AM Demodulator.
Doppel VFO, RIT, Split, XIT.
Anzeige von Leistung, SWR, Betriebsspannung, S-Meter und CW-Tempo der internen Tast-elektronik im Display.
Frequenzabhängige automatische Umschaltung der Tiefpassfilter.
Niedrige Stromaufnahme. Die gesamte Prozessorsteuerung mit Display und DDS braucht weniger als 20mA, der vierfach FET Mischer wenig Steuerleistung.
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Frequency Coverage:
VFO tuning of any 50 kHz segment of CW sub-band. Tuning range is selected during winding of one toroid in the VFO circuit.
Frequency Control: Varactor tuned oscillator with potentiometer control. Temperature compensated LC components stabilize VFO.
Power requirement: 12-14 Vdc, 35 mA receive (no signal present), 80 mA receive (S-9 signal), 800 mA on transmit.
Antenna: 50 ohm unbalanced, SO-239 connector.
Construction: Black texture painted clamshell type steel top and bottom. Aluminum chassis, sub-panel and heatsink. One 3.5" x 5" double-sided circuit board.
Board mounted-components: 216 including 4 IC's, 19 transistors, 13 diodes.
Front panel controls: main tuning, RIT, volume, power on-off toggle switch.
Connectors:  front panel 1/4" stero phone jack; rear panel SO-239 for antenna, 3 RCA-style phono jacks for key, dc input, accessory dc output.
RIT: +/- 1.5 kHz.
Dimensions:  HWD 2.75" x 6" x 6".  Weight 2.25 lbs./1.02 kg.

RF Output: 
3 watts, no external adjustment.
T/R Switching:  solid state, full break-in.
CW Offset and sidetone:  Adjustable 400-1000 Hz sidetone automatically tracks offset frequency.  Sinewave sidetone has internal adjustment. 

single conversion superhet, JFET mixer
Sensitivity:  .25 uv typical for 10 dB S/N
Selectivity:  4 pole crystal ladder filter (1 kHz nominal bandwidth).
AGC:  audio derived
I-F:  11 MHz on 80 and 40 meter models, 14.32 MHz on 30 meter model, 6.14 MHz on 20 meter model, 16 MHz on 15 meter model.
Audio:  300 mW @ 4 ohms.  Built-in 4" speaker in top of cabinet.